Learn and Grow

Our creative teaching training courses are the perfect way to push your skills to the expert level and become an instructor yourself. Through a series of classes, hands-on exercises and activities, we ensure you have the knowledge and expertise necessary to confidently lead a class of your own.

Whether you’ve just received your diploma or you’re an experienced teacher, our training courses offer a professional, tailor-made platform for you to grow and improve your abilities. All courses offer comprehensive and valuable materials and resources, gathered from years of teaching experience – pure gold! Join one of our training programs to meet new colleagues, learn new skills and have some fun! Reach out to us today to sign up or learn more, or see some of our professional development workshops below.

Gone are the days of passive learning - all of our courses are 85% experiential- and task-based, where teachers are expected to be active participants. Only about 15% of the sessions involve theory. The approaches, methodologies and techniques used are tried and tested, and pedagogically sound. See more about the methods behind our madness in the section below.

Chief Aims:

  • Interactive

  • Student-centred

  • Activity-based

  • Focus on ICT and technology

  • Fun

  • Educationally-sound

  • New, innovative and creative ideas

  • Adaptable for any language level and age group



Putting the Magic and Kick-Ass Back into Education!

Here are some of the offerings, although more courses will be added soon. We can also run specialized workshops at your request, should there be sufficient demand. For example: if you'd like some ideas on how teach YL. Contact us today and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your needs. Please note: some courses may be reduced or extended, accordingly.



Awesome Pronunciation Tools

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and use the International Phonemic Alphabet (IPA).

  • Identify the difference between vowel sounds and consonant sounds.

  • British English vs. American English

  • Understand and practice sound/spelling relationships.

  • Examine students' pronunciation challenges.

  • Identify basic spelling rules.

  • Understand rhythm, stress and intonation.

  • Plan and present activities to develop spelling and pronunciation skills.


Speak, Write, Listen, Read, View

Learning Objectives:

  • Exploration of some learning theories (VARK, Gardner, TPR).

  • Understand a whole-student approach to teaching.

  • Plan and present activities to promote better learning of the 5 macro skills.

  • Develop and use supplementary materials.

  • Identify texts and materials which are suitable for classroom use.

  • Examine error correction.

  • Develop strategies to overcome student difficulties.

macro skills.png


Grammar Made Fun!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and teach a variety of verb forms, and other parts of speech.

  • Comprehensive examination of the 12 English Tenses.

  • Understand and teach conditional clauses.

  • Understand and teach basic sentence structures.

  • Understand and teach punctuation.

  • Plan a grammar lesson.

  • Implement a grammar lesson.


Into the 21st Century and Beyond

Learning Objectives:

  • Use e-Resources optimally.

  • Set up social media networks for your teaching.

  • Share your resources with others.

  • Teaching online.

  • Adapting materials to suit your teaching needs and your students’ learning requirements.

  • Teaching with limited resources.



Check It Out

Basically, to our fellow teachers, we like to remain open-minded regarding payment, as we truly understand that those who are as passionate about teaching as we are; aren’t necessarily in it for the money. Plus, lately, we have all been through challenging times. Having said this, the old adage also rings true: time is money.

We can offer several packages, which can suit both the individual and groups, and hopefully your pocket(s). We’ve tried to be as fair as possible regarding remuneration, and should you want to offer any other suitable alternatives, we’re open to and welcome further discussion.


½ of Your Personal Hourly Rate

For every hour of our time you attend these courses, you give us half of what you earn.

For example, if you earn $10 an hour, you pay $5. Earn $25? Pay us $12.50. As classes can only be a maximum of 10 students, these terms may need to be re-negotiated depending on the number of people who attend. Basically, if you ask a friend or two to join, it would be more affordable. Fair enough? Any comments, welcomed…


Dependent on Numbers

  • 2-4 students = $8/session per student-teacher

  • 5-7 students = $6/session per student-teacher

  • 8-10 students = $4/session per student-teacher



We’re living in challenging financial times, so if you have goods or services that would make a fair trade, be sure to let us know.

  • Common bartering arsenal for goods and services might include, but not limited to:

  • Food - fresh fruit and veggies preferred, I love cooking.

  • Transport - limited to our location (Dalat, Vietnam).

  • Haircuts, beauty treatments - as down-to-earth as we are, we have to look nice, too.

  • Charity donations - particularly to smaller groups for animals.

  • Music exchange - this is dependent on whether you have good taste, IMO.

  • Access to a small plot of land - to grow veggies for a charity we support.

  • Accommodation - for vacations, single room, no bells ‘n whistles required.

Use your imagination, we are open to negotiation.


Skill Swap

If you have expertise in a field we might not be familiar with, we're willing to exchange knowledge. Contact us for more info.

Female Speaker


The Method Behind The Madness

We introduce teachers to new exciting approaches, methodologies, and techniques, using an extremely hands-on approach. These include:

  • Gamification

  • ICT (Information & Communications Technology)

  • TPR (Total Physical Response)

  • Multi-Modality

  • FL (Flipped Learning)

  • BL (Blended Learning)

  • TBL (Task-Based Learning)

  • e-Learning

  • Suggestopedia

At the end of the course, we offer access to many materials and give valuable advice how you can adapt these to suit your teaching needs and your students' learning needs.

I like working collaboratively with like-minded people who like putting the kick-ass back into education and to assist in giving it the face lift it so desperately needs. People who understand that both teaching and learning should be celebrated and revered, not seen as some arduous chore.

The dedication I have for my chosen life path is immense, and I feel that even though the traditional education system has its place;  it’s high time for an educational renaissance and that we remodel, re-imagine, and resuscitate it and get with the times!