Soap Box #2 : The Great Psychological-Science (Psy-Sci) Experiment

Updated: May 24

From what I've researched and experienced, with this COVID-19 madness, it feels as though we're going through one huge science experiment, in which we are the unwitting participants. A great fear I have at the moment: forced vaccination in a country where I, as a foreigner, basically, have no rights whatsoever. Should I not capitulate, concede, I will no longer be able to travel, particularly back to 'my' country to see my family again. Perhaps, if enough of us voice our concerns... they may be heard. Perhaps...

I guess the uncertainty lies in what the future may bring... Will it be complete dystopia? A world of unthinking, unfeeling flesh semi-human robots? Those who will bow to every wish and command of those who threaten our very existence?

In the past, I used to identify with traditional left-leaning politics, but lately, particularly because of the sheer madness of the extremes, I have a lot to think and mull over... The irony of anti-fascists becoming the very thing they are anti..."Think along this train of thought... or you are wrong..." No chance of discourse, discussion... No chance of nuance. Nothing in life is as black and white as that... ever. People are individuals, we have our own thoughts, which makes us into unique and interesting people, not simply a homogeneous mass.

Personally, I welcome debate, no matter if I agree or not. It's a sign of a healthy society to be able to debate in a civilized and mature manner. It's not about changing another's mind, nor being shaming someone for having an opinion one doesn't agree with. Bullying and name-calling doesn't achieve anything, ever. Being shouted down just makes people turn on their proverbial heels, and probably more result in being more steadfast in their beliefs, ironically... Nobody likes to be called stupid.

Everybody deserves to be heard. Knowledge and wisdom die in darkness. The only way to counter an argument is to have more debate, then to debunk, if need be. Answer questions, provide information, let people make their own minds' up. I'm so tired of being spoken down to... being told that I can't 'handle' certain information, being infantilized. No, give the information, let me make my own mind up!

Yes, people may roll their eyes at this, I don't care. This doesn't make me an abhorrent or disagreeable person, just, maybe someone who enjoys a good discussion. One which strips away our own preconceptions about things, even if that makes us feel naked and vulnerable.

I'd like to think that I am a person who does so (think), and yet feel (deeply), and trying to feel a balance between the two. It's a twixt. Fence-sitting, empathizing with both sides, sometimes heavily leaning, to either side... But nothing good is achieved through poor conversational skills..

A final thought: "Divide and conquer", the oldest trick in the book. Pit others against one another, great, that's how it goes. Stop! Take a breath!

It's so obvious that this is just a great psychological-science (psy-sci) experiment.

Signing off...

Agape love, peace and light


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