Online Interactive Tutor Workshops

Updated: Sep 23

Good news! We have launched our latest Online Interactive Tutor Workshops!

Quick Overview

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  • Find out how to empower yourself and make money* from your self-made resources (worksheets, games, activities etc.).

  • Attendee-focused workshops – you are very much encouraged to participate actively and even show case your thoughts, ideas, experiences, should you wish.

  • Or, at the very least, add to your skill-sets, which can be harnessed, adapted and used for your students and classroom.

  • Get an attendance certificate and badge for your social media.*

  • Opportunity to co-host workshops.**

What You Will Get

  • Loads of helpful tips and advice on creating teaching-learning materials and resources.

  • Tons of useful materials, including templates, an e-Resource Database, customizable worksheets, grammar guides etc. etc.

  • Suggestions on how to monetize them.