Latest Great Music Finds... And Why Fuck Isn't A Bad Word

Updated: May 24

If you know me personally, you'll know that I absolutely loooooooove listening to music and discovering and sharing new bands and artists; particularly non-commercial, eclectic, indie ones. I've been mocked many a time for the signature headphones I like to wear 90% of my waking hours.

I don't care, it's a passion of mine. If you don't understand why I promote these often times, obscure acts, find out more about how the music industry really works by clicking here.

Seeing that this is the first blog to document this passion of mine, I thought I'd share with you my some of my finds, some new, some old. Let's call them the Top 10 of the Month:

  1. SYML: Where's My Love?

  2. Charlie Cunningham: Permanent Way

  3. Mackintosh Braun: Could It Be?

  4. Haevn: The Sea

  5. Michael Kiwanuka: Cold Little Heart

  6. Blanco White: Colder Heavens

  7. Republic Tigers: Buildings & Mountains

  8. Bastille: World Gone Mad

  9. MS MR: Think Of You

  10. Roo Panes: Warrior

Awesome! So, I hope you enjoyed these recommendations, be sure to share with friends and family. Even if you didn't particularly like them, be sure to offer your own recommendations in the comment section :) Music is, after all, about taste... Or... is it...? More...

What I share is just music I love and appreciate - I'd like to be considered an audiophile, but it just sounds dodgy if you don't get the etymology of words... Plus... I don't care... Do your own research...

Those too lazy:

audio = sound [Latin] :

phile = one who is attracted to [Latin] :

So, in the next few months, expect some obscure artists and names of bands to crop up. I particularly get a kick out of bands with amusing names, like Trampled By Turtles, Lost In The Trees and Bear's Den.

Teacher aside: I'll try to offer a Top 10 list every month or so. Watch this space! Also, be sure to check out my Facebook group, SOTD [Song Of The Day]. Members are mainly a whole bunch of my family members and old friends, but we welcome new members, particularly those willing to share their latest great musical finds!

For the eager beavers: BBC* documentary on indie music "Music for Misfits", watch here.

*Please note: I don't necessarily endorse the BBC, but they do produce interesting documentaries from time to time...

I like to support the less commercial artists and bands because it mirrors my ethos, in the greater scheme of things. I feel that the 'little' person is screwed over by multiple 'big' corporations, businesses, et. al.

Politics and personal opinions aside, I do like differing opinions, and welcome them, in fact.

Last word: I refuse to give trigger warnings, people need to take responsibility for their own reactions. I never deliberately try to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anyone's personal beliefs; but I believe that as adults, we are all in charge of our own reactions and it's more of a reflection on us if we are offended by everything. Thus, the word 'fuck' appears in the Oxford English Dictionary and is a commonly-used word in the real world, so it can and should be used. Plus, swearing is not a sign of poor communication skills or lack of vocab, quite to the contrary.

Here's a short video activity, meant to assist in teaching pronunciation. Enjoy :) Watch here.

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