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Interactive ESL Bootcamp!

Updated: May 24, 2021

Dear friends & colleagues

Please forgive this initial mass impersonal message, I will be contacting you each on a more personal level soon to follow up, and hopefully catch up, but in the meantime I thought I’d take the liberty of reaching out to you to give you a general idea of some ideas I have.

As I’m sure we have all experienced to some degree or another, we’ve all fallen on tough times during this COVID-19 madness. Instead of sitting around moping, binge-watching Breaking Bad or Friends episodes, scrubbing your kitchen clean… why not use this time constructively?

I’ve designed a kick-ass online teacher training course! The course is primarily aimed at both novice and experienced ESL teachers alike, who wish to hone their teaching skills, network and share ideas with colleagues, and to discover new, innovative, and creative teaching approaches.

In addition to this, this course is suitable for more advanced ESL students who wish to fine-tune their English skills to improve their IELTS band score, or to achieve similar academic goals, through interactive (and fun) approaches etc. So, you don’t have to be a teacher to join, everybody is welcome! Just as a quick head’s up: we will work at a pretty fast pace, so it is advised that you have a fairly good grasp of English (B1 – Intermediate)/IELTS band score 6+.

Should you be an ex-student of mine, or colleague, you should know my teaching style: very interactive and participant-centred! I’ve taken all the very best ideas I’ve encountered over the past four years training teachers, and over 7 years of ESL teaching and rolled them all into one. In addition to this, teacher-students are greatly encouraged to share their own ideas with the group, so it’s a great way to network, and perhaps make some new friends.

What’s in it for me? I promise you from the bottom of my heart, I will not be charging an arm and a leg, I have a two primary goals in mind: 1. To pay my expenses (rent, food etc.) 2. To build up a digital portfolio and online teacher training track record, which I can present in future proposals.

Please consider helping me so that I may help you! I’ve decided to limit the number of places to a maximum of 12 people per course, otherwise, I fear, it may become too impersonal. Nobody likes to be treated like a mere cash cow/number lost in the crowd!

As mentioned earlier, I will be getting hold of each of you individually to follow up, so I urge you to consider my proposal in the meantime, and maybe pop me a short message of acknowledgement of receipt of this message… that would be awesome! Please forgive me in advance if I tag you in various posts, or send initial duplicate emails via other platforms (e.g. email).

Please feel free to share this and other media with your contacts and other parties you think might be interested. Any secondary enrollments (i.e. people whom I’ve never interacted with personally/face-to-face) will result in a reduced rate for you, as my primary contact, i.e. you will pay a discounted rate for the course.

NB: your personal privacy and details are treated with the utmost respect and will never, ever be sold or given to any third parties, ever! Should you wish to opt out entirely, please be sure to let me know and I’ll be sure not to include you in my database and promotion (mini) bombing. I will not take exception to this and promise to honour and respect your decision, and will cease sending any more info relating to this.

I really do hope you will join us on this exciting journey!

Much love, peace and light


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