How To Deal With COVID19 Boredom Constructively: Another Top 20 Music Finds Plus = A Word Of Advice

Updated: May 24

OK, so due to this whole COVID-19 malarkey, I've had plenty of time to organise and update my website and social networking sites, design and create a business logo and business cards, catch up with family and friends, drink cappuccinos, cook simple, but delicious and go for long walks. What do they all have in common? I usually listen to music while doing these activities. Thus, have had plenty of time to discover and rediscover some truly awesome music. Hence, why I can easily drum up another Top 10 list, but instead of Top 10, I've decided to make it a Top 20 artists/bands and a recommended track.

Here goes:

  1. The Dead South: In Hell I'll Be Good Company

  2. Stu Larsen: Thirteen Sad Farewells

  3. Axel Flóvent: Your Ghost

  4. Peter Oren: Falling Water

  5. Bear's Den: Crow

  6. Andrew Bird: Roma Fade

  7. Of Monsters & Men: Crystals

  8. James Arthur*: Impossible

  9. Jarryd James: Do You Remember?

  10. Aron Wright: You Were Supposed To Be Different

  11. Andrew Bell: Sky's Still Blue

  12. William Fitzsimmons: Tide Pulls From The Moon

  13. Cinematic Orchestra: To Build A Home

  14. IAMX: I Come With Knives

  15. VNV Nation: Illusion

  16. Poets Of The Fall: Carnival Of Rust

  17. The Rasmus: In The Shadows

  18. The Cure: Burn

And to end off with two more lighthearted tracks (because I do believe music affects one's mood):

19. The Lumineers: Ho Hey

20. Mumford & Sons: I Will Wait

*One of the few truly great acts to emerge from reality talent shows, like The X Factor, IMO.

A word of advice: Yes, I have moods, and as humans, we do (or should at least, IMO), sway. I go from mushy, light-hearted, to dark and gloomy, at times. This part of the human condition. We should feel what we feel. Having said this, I have little tolerance for the SJW who just wanna feel everything, without thinking it through thoroughly. We should always keep an open mind towards everyone, even if they disagree with our opinions or points of view.

Watch an amazing TED talk by Daryl Davis here.

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