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Here Be: Teacher Training & Professional Development Workshops Proposal - Read This First Please :)

Updated: May 24, 2021

Hi! Urgh... I know how 'dry' this title may sound... believe me, but in order to be taken seriously, one has to sometimes balance the serious stuff with the fun stuff, such is life...

And attached is the serious stuff, to (hopefully) show that I know what I'm doing, so attached is the official proposal...

Those of you who have interacted with me personally, should know that when I say we'll have an interactive, fun, student-centred workshop, I mean it!

To teach well, I deem a true art form and I am a firm believer in the Confucius saying, “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

And yes, I truly appreciate how financial constraints are of a major concern to so many, and I would hate to see this being the biggest barrier to stop you from attending, so I have developed several, somewhat unorthodox options. They are mentioned in the proposal, but to save you the time, here's a summary to save you the time:

1. 1/2 hourly pay

For example, if you earn $10/hour, you pay $5/hour.

2. Donation

Attendees only pay what they deem the worth of what they have received. This entirely left to their discretion.

3. Bartering

You think of something they can exchange in return for the workshop. Could be anything ranging from a bag of cabbages, to fixing my computer, a haircut, or a taxi service. I haven't received any livestock to-date, but hey, if someone offers me a goat.. who am I to refuse?

4. Flat fees

International students - $150/workshop

VN students - 150,000 VND/workshop

So.... What's stopping you? Come and join in! The proof is in the pudding...

Come and network, possibly make new friends, share fresh, creative innovative ideas...

Hope to hear from you!

Warm regards


1-7-2020 Teacher Training Workshops Prop
Download • 345KB

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