For SJvZ on her 51st Birthday: The Camel Thorn & Bottlebrush Playlist

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

This is a playlist made with love, especially for you, my awesome big sister... Happy birthday! I hope you remember dear Camel Thorn and Bottlebrush? lol. I love you xxD

P.S. I've added a few 'Chappie Facts' and opinions about the songs. Enjoy!

1. Alt-J (∆) - Taro

Really beautiful music video. Filmed around the world. Reduces me to mush! Gerda Taro was a war photojournalist in the 1930-1940's. She died tragically in her line of work when a tank collided into the side of a car she was riding in. The subject of this song is Gerda’s romantic interest and colleague, Robert Capa. During the First Indochina War, Capa left the relative safety of his Jeep and advanced on foot in a hostile war zone to take pictures. Minutes later, he stepped on a landmine, which blew apart his left leg. He died minutes later with his camera in his hand.

2. Bear's Den - Agape

My latest musical obsession. Can recommend 100's of their tracks. In the original Greek, the word 'agape' (pronounced ag-a-pay or /ægəpeɪ/ if you want to to be a language nerd like me :) in the Greco-Christian term referring to love, "the highest form of love, charity" and "the love of God for man and of man for God". Agape also means unconditional love which means that you love someone without expecting anything in return.

Agape is a word that has been taken and used by Christianity to mean something it didn’t originally mean and I guess I kinda did the same. Agape, to me, is about being open with people and not hiding anything from the people you care about. As a word, strange as this sounds, Agape to me sounds like a book opening and we were looking for a song that had that kind of feel to it for the first song on the album. Also makes me wonder about unconditional love, and if it does, indeed, exist...

Regarding the music video: apparently, one of the band members got stuck in the sea sand during the shooting of this video, as high tide was coming in. Thankfully he made it out just in time and unscathed.

3. City of the Sun - Second Sun

Take a look at the appearance of the one guy's guitar - and he still pulls it off! Plus similar style to Rodrigo y Gabriella. This music video was filmed in a rain forest somewhere in Panama, I believe. These guys are super-talented, I'll send you a link to their full albums soon.

4. Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

Great music video with stock animation. Also an awesome track. Watch the music video, it's a delight. I have to laugh when I think about hymns and Christianity, especially the form of it Rose and I were practically 'tortured' with growing up. As well as Gaynor's stubborn refusal to sit next to Mom and Dave during church services due to the fact that Dave sang an off-key octave too low and Mom, the reverse: an octave too high, but also hopelessly off-key. An audio duet, who meant well, but would be, if such a thing exists, what hell would sound like, lol!

5. Ayub Ogada - Kothbiro

From the Soundtrack to the movie The Constant Gardener (c. 2005). Great novel written by John le Carré, too! This song is from the movie The Constant Gardener, based on the book. It's really worth watching/reading, all about the exploitation of Africans as an unauthorised testing ground for Big Pharma. Love the quality of his voice. Plus, Ralph Fiennes is so amazing in the movie.

6. Manchester Orchestra - The Silence

Love the contemporary and classical combo. This song was originally meant as a lullaby/prayer to one of his kids. This edition was shot all in one or two takes - a rare feat in the music industry. I love the build up to this song. It feels almost ethereal.

7. LP - Lost On You [Live Session]

Another live rendition (all in one take). Her real name is Laura Pergolizzi. Listen to the vibrato in her voice. Massively-talented artist. The timing of her band = near perfect! I can recommend soooo may other tracks of hers. She is amazing. I find her an interesting person, reminds me of an androgynous Bob Dylan, somewhat. I remember how much you love BD :) Plus,her vocal range is incredible.

8. Ólafur Arnalds - Only The Winds

Beautiful music video and a hauntingly beautiful track. I love his piano works and the music video is artistic and beautiful to watch. I'm a sucker for black and white cinematography.

9. The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company

Fun music video to watch. See how they meld from one scene to the next. I absolutely love these guys, they're quintessential awesome nerds (I love nerds), beards and all. Watch the music video! The transformation between scenes is almost flawless.

10. Elbow - One Day

A most inspirational song. This is the orchestral rendition of a simply beautiful track. Also check out the music video 11 listed below in this playlist. I think that when a contemporary song can be accompanied by an orchestra, is true testament to the quality of the song. Filmed for the charity Children in Need Rocks Manchester - BBC.

11. Bastille - Million Pieces feat. The Chamber Orchestra Of London (Live)

Also accompanied by an orchestra, this version sounds better than the original. Filmed at the famous Abby Road Studios in London.

12. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters feat. San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Who says traditional metal bands are 'unmusical'? Funny, the quintessential heavy metal band of the 80's accompanied by an orchestra. I also used to picture metal bands as guys who bite heads off pigeons or some such…

13. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui & Woodkid - I Will Fall For You

You ought to remember what a sucker I am for beautiful dance choreography… Plus simple colour pallets in cinematography… Watch the music video, simply sublime.

14. Lord Huron - Meet Me In The Woods

Worth listening to the full album start to finish.

15. Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart

Wonderful artist. Similar voice to Marvin Gaye.

16. Fever Ray - Keep the Streets Empty for Me

Quiet, thoughtful. Was the soundtrack to the TV series Vikings.

17. Ludovico Einaudi - Life

Wonderful piano compositions, a great contemporary composer. First heard it on an online radio station called Radio Paradise. It's a wonderful, independent, listen-supported station, be sure to check it out!

18. Amelie Soundtrack - Piano

Watch the movie, it's great!

19. Matthew Mole - Take Yours, I'll Take Mine

A bit of SA flavour, great video filmed in Joburg. If you get the chance to see him live (he often plays at Kirstenbosch Garden Sunset Concerts), do yourself a favour, and go see him play!

20. Banners - Someone To You

Sweet music video, we both have an affinity with underdogs!

Right, so just in case you might be sick and tired of my commentary, watch the next 121 videos I've selected for your birthday on this playlist. I truly hope you have a good year ahead, and remember - I'm only a Skype call or email message away. My heart always beats lumpy custard for you, big sister! Much love <3

P.S. Sorry - I had to include one last comment and video before I bid thee adieu. It's number 51 on the playlist. Below this is the full playlist in an Excel spreadsheet.

51. Elbow - Magnificent (She Says)

This music video was filmed in Myanmar in a town called Bagan. There are temples if you turn 360 degrees, absolutely everywhere. A gorgeous, sublime track. Another place I'd love to backpack through with you. Rose & I did this (including a rather arduous trek), and we both agreed that the only 'ingredient' missing - was YOU! Rose and I hired e-bikes and got up before dawn to watch the sunrise through the temples and missioned around all day until sunset. It was a magical day. I've attached some photos :) Rose will have some more (especially ones on our sunrise to sunset bike mission).

Here is the Excel spreadsheet:

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The music video:

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