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Awesome e-Resources Database

After 14+ years of teaching, here is the culmination of resources I’ve encountered and made use of in both my teacher training workshops and in my classroom with ESL students. Naturally, many of these resources are aimed at ESL teaching, but many can be used for a multitude of other subjects and disciplines.

Please note: Unfortunately, some of the activities might not work due to Adobe Flash being discontinued as from 31st December 2020, for whatever reason, that defies logic, IMO, lol.

The majority of these websites offer free basic membership, some with upgrade options. Some require you to sign up, thus it is recommended you open an email account dedicated specifically for your teaching, same goes for social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Should you like access to the Excel Spreadsheet, which is fully editable, I’d be happy to share with you in exchange for the price of a cappuccino :) Contact me.

Without further ado, here it is:

Awesome e-Resources Database - free version
Download PDF • 3.43MB

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Please Buy Me a Coffee!

Very few days go by without me going out for a cuppa to get my day started. Staying in the beautiful city of Dalat, in highlands of Vietnam, I am certainly spoilt for choice with literally hundreds of coffee shops all over this wonderful city.

Please consider donating through Buy Me a Coffee, any bit helps! See it as Karma and it will incentivize me to continue sharing my latest finds!

And, oh yeah, if you would like to contribute to this continually-growing e-Resources Database, please email me. Karma, baby, Karma! Let’s all pay it forward, and make the teaching-learning experience unforgettable and meaningful! Also, should you like your blog or website included in the database, be sure to contact me.

Awesome ESL Kick Ass English Bootcamp

On a different tack: tomorrow is the launch of Awesome ESL Kick Ass English Bootcamp 2.0! We will start with Module 1: Punchy Parts of Speech. Watch this space for updates.

Should there be enough interest shown, I may consider concurrently running more workshops. Online workshops are limited to 10 people. Very affordable rates, (the cost of a coffee, literally!) donation-based, and you’ll get tons and tons of very useful materials (see sample below - Templates for Song Worksheets & Activities) which can be adapted to suit your specific needs, plus you’ll get loads of exciting and innovative ideas!

Participants will receive a badge and an attendance certificate, which they can upload to their website/social media accounts. These will be issued on completion of several minor tasks, including the assembling of a Digital Portfolio, and several reflections.

Set yourself apart, better employment opportunities! Get in contact with me for more details…

Testimonials from my previous teacher trainees and ex-students, click here.

Telegram Group

I am considering starting a Telegram group, specifically for ESL teachers. Pop me an email if you’re interested in joining… and if you’re willing to be an admin…

Awesome Vibes

For those of you who have met me, you’ll know that I am very seldom seen without headphones. I looooooove music! Very few things bring greater happiness and joy to my life than discovering new music, particularly indie, obscure bands, some with original and amusing names like Lost in the Trees, Trampled by Turtles, lol!

There is so much understated and underrated talent out there! I often create playlists, it relaxes me. If you’re interested in following these, be sure to find them on my personal channel. Email me for further details.

Templates for Song Worksheets & Activities

This document was created with love, and I am happy to share it with my fellow teachers…

Option 1: send me an email to ask for this document

Option 2: find it on my blog

Option 3: PM me on Facebook

And finally…

Weaning Myself off SV accounts

Slowly, but surely, I am in the process of weaning myself off SV accounts, such as WhatsApp, as a small way of protesting ridiculous censorship measures. Not that I have anything to hide, not in the least, but I refuse to allow these fat cats profit from my data…

OK, that’s enough Soap Boxing from me for one day. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Universal love, light & laughter to all, xxxD

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