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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Want To Make Some Legit Extra Moela While In Lockdown?

Expose Your Teaching Cache & Network!

Turn Your Self-Made Teaching Tools & Creations Into Cash!

Ask Me How!

(No, this is not a get rich quick scheme - I do this because I love teaching!)


  • Find out how to empower yourself and make money from your self-made resources (worksheets, games, activities etc.).

  • Attendee-focused workshops – you are very much encouraged to participate actively and even show case your thoughts, ideas, experiences, should you wish.

  • Or, at the very least, add to your skill-set. One which can be harnessed and used for your students and classroom.

  • Get an attendance certificate and a badge for your social media.

  • Space limited to 10 places. Maybe 15 if there is enough interest.

  • Opportunity to co-host workshops. See details below.

  • Strictly donation basis only (or barter with me for what-have-you – a haircut, a chicken (alive), veggies, a lift, a cup of coffee - just not your poor grandma, lol! Refer a friend and build up Karma Points :)

You will get:

  • Loads of helpful tips and advice on creating teaching-learning materials and resources.

  • Tons of useful materials, including templates, an e-Resource Database, customizable worksheets, grammar guides etc. etc.

  • Suggestions on how to monetize them.

  • To network of like-minded individuals. Create a community!

  • 14+ years teaching experience and expertise.


Please fill this form out (longer) or this one (shorter) and submit ASAP! Places are limited!

Co-Host With Us!

Feel you have some pearls of wisdom to share? We would like to give YOU the opportunity to co-host workshops. Any donations received will be shared with you fairly. They will be meted based on merit (i.e. the more input, the greater the reward) that is mutually-beneficial to all parties involved.

About Me

I am a passionate TESOL teacher trainer & ESL teacher, artist, music enthusiast, foodie, world traveller, nature lover, gardener, social thinker, pacifist, cappuccino lover, star gazer, et. al. and have been teaching for 14+ years. I absolutely loooooove what I do and adore showing new innovative techniques and ideas, and sharing awesome resources!

I have loads of experience teaching people of all ages and from all walks of life. I initially taught Art for five years, ESL for over eight years and have trained TESOL teachers for five years. So I am a creative soul, a lateral and out-of-the-box thinker, and have a wicked sense of humour (I hope!).

A big fan of interactive learning – I strive to make my lessons as student-centred, educational, fun and invigorating as possible. Want to know a little more? Watch this!


See nice things my former students, who have subsequently become my mates, have said about me.

We hope that you will join us! What are you waiting for? Don’t forget to fill in this Google Form (longer) Opinion Stage Form (shorter).

Love, Peace & Light – Diana and the Team at Awesome ESL

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